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As you can see, the USS Gosselin web site looks a little different. There's a reason! We are re-designing it to better accomodate the great wealth of contributions of material to the site.

This site is dedicated to the men who served not only on the USS Gosselin but all men and momen who served in every branch of the service in every theatre of war, including those who served state-side. To all of you, thank you for your efforts and accomplishments.

The USS Gosselin was named after ensign Gosselin who died aboard the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 7.December.1941.

The USS Gosselin (APD-126) was orginally built as a Rudderrow Class Destroyer Escort (DE-710). Later it was converted to a Crosley Class, High Speed Transport. The USS Gosselin was commissioned in December 1944 and designated APD-126.

The USS Gosselin served in the Pacific Theatre until the end of the war, was a part of the occupational forces in Japan, and continued serving the U.S. Navy for many years after the war. The men who served on this ship were ordinary young men deeply involved in extraordinary curcumstances. They made history on a daily basis. They faced an enemy that was not afraid to die and was determined to take as many of these young men to their deaths as possible while dying for the emperor.

On the web site we will attempt to introduce you to as many of these men as possible and tell you their stories. We have included many pictures, first-hand written accounts of life aboard the Gosselin, and archived naval records of the ship's history.

We hope that you enjoy this site and it's information as much as we enjoy building it. This project originally started as a site to post the pictures and recollections of H. F. "Chief" Mills, but over time, has turned into a great adventure of meeting and talking to the crew members and their family members. So with all of the contributions of others who served aboard the USS Gosselin, this has turned into a family reunion of sorts. We greatly appreciate the contributions and efforts of all who have contacted us. Please be patient with us as we re-design the site to accomodate the vastly increased amount of content. This will allow us to accomodate additions to the site in a much more efficient manner. Thank You!

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